Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Updates

First of, anyone whose waiting for black ops knows that the beta has been leaked. There is a few trailers going around showing it off. I cant post links because they're being taken down as fast as they're being put up. They're not hard to find if your interested. Im not too bodered as long as they dont ruin the story on me.

Next up, Im going to be coming into some money soon and am debating on whether or not to buy a capture card.

The HD PVR looks good but cost like €200. I dunno its something I would like because the amout of good games I've had with only a vauge memory of them is kind of annoying.

I also dont know if Im going to be able to play as much as I like when the game comes out with college and all. Id say I'll barely be able to get an hour a night. Guff.


  1. You'll probably end up playing more than that. You know this. :)

  2. this is the one must buy for me in november ... doesnt matter if the beta should suck

  3. Yeah college has taken a dump on my gaming as well :(

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  5. I want to get my hands on the beta

  6. wicked stuff. can't wait for the RD